Kieran McNally, 18, brutally  beat his mother, Frances, to stupor in the street while she begged for mercy, simply because she tried to get him to wake up and get ready for school.
Kieran eventually woke up after being prompted by his mother, but he was angry at the intrusion and he came downstairs in a fit, shouting at his mother.
She thought it best to leave the house and taking her dog, she ran from her house into Dean Park Road, but he came after them, chasing his mother and her dog down the road before lunging from behind and hitting his mother. As she begged for him to stop, he hit her even harder until a driver saw what was happening and pulled over to help her. He then called the police and stayed with the woman until the authorities arrived and took her to the hospital.

Procurator fiscal, Frank Clark, told of how Kieran attacked his mother and revealed it was not a new behaviour.
“She was treated for swelling and bruising on her face, a cut to her left hand and bruising and swelling to her left arm,” Clark said.
The court heard Kieran had previously fought with his dad Ross, leaving him in need of six stitches. He also threatened to burn the family home in Don Avenue, Renfrew.

It was also revealed in court that he had called his mother a “fat useless b*****d” and swore at his father during a quarrel on December 14, 2015. He even threatened to kill his father during the argument.

Kieran McNally was jailed for 18 months after his mum sustained injuries to her face, eye socket, hand and arm. He had been arrested for the fight with his father but was bailed on the condition that he stayed away from his parent's street and did not try to get in contact with them, but he breached the terms of his release a night after.

He spent a month again in detention following the attack on his mother and was bailed on the same condition, but, again, he disobeyed, hence he was jailed again by Sheriff David Pender for assault, acting in a threatening or abusive manner and two breaches of bail.

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