This past weekend, 4-year-old Ryu Pena was at a store in Mankato, Minnesota, when he accidentally hung himself in the store's dressing room.
Police say Ryu slipped away from his grandmother, who was shopping at the store, and went into an empty changing room.
He apparently closed the door, climbed on a bench and got the hoodie he was wearing caught on a coat hook.
Commander Jeremy Clifton with Mankato Public Safety said 
"We believe that he got himself caught up on a coat hook within that dressing room area and couldn't free himself from it,"
Ryu's little feet couldn't reach the floor, so he hung there and suffocated while his grandmother and others frantically looked for him. By the time he was found, it was too late. 
His family has set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money for his funeral.

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