Japheth Kwanduno and his wife Lydia Kwanduno are missing. The couple had gone to church in ECWA, Gwarimpa Estate, Abuja and were seen leaving the church at about 7:30 p.m. yesterday but they did not make it home.

According to a family source who spoke with LIB, the parents went out in a black Toyota Corolla. When they were not home at the expected time, their children called and when there was no reply, they decided to get the authorities involved.
The police are believed to have been tracking the car to help find the couple. They were able to track it to Suleja, but it appears the kidnappers are quite tech savvy and got wind of that because they contacted the family of the couple to tell them where to find the car but gave no information about the parents. To make matters worse, they have been transferring funds from the missing couple's account. 
The family source was distraught and in tears as she spoke to LIB, to give an update on how far the authorities have gone.
"When we call their phone, they switch off; we call, they switch off. Next thing we know they made a transfer from their bank accounts. They probably forced them to make a mobile transfer or something and that was the last we heard from them and currently, they just called right now that we should come and pick the car, that they dropped it somewhere along that Kaduna road and then they cut the call. They didn't talk about our parents."
She revealed that all indication points to the fact that the car had a tracking device and that was what the police used to track her parents' location to a bush in Suleja.
"I think the car has a tracking device and that's what the police and security officials are doing. That's why they were able to track them to Suleja, inside the bush. So, I think maybe they knew they were on to them and that's why they decided to drop the car there and change base. We don't know where exactly they are right now. They left it at Kaduna road
The police just left to retrieve the car, but the family members of the missing couple are unsure of what steps will be taken after that. They are yet to speak with their parents and their abductors have not made any demands, neither have they mentioned the parents at all. The parents' phones have now been switched off.
Kindly report to the police if you have any information about this couple and help reunite them with their family.

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